Poetry – The Soul 

​Too much pressure exerted on this soul

To a diamond it could turn

Bad emotions ignited upon it but somehow

It don’t burn

Starring out the window, through

The pain is how it learns

The dismal distortion of reality disempowers

It to discern

The harsh reality summons to this soul


Which is as hard as a born-sinner trying to

Change to be better after a confession

The evil is in vain, felt in the blood when

Active leaves an indelible transgression.
Myself is the king of my soul without any


Dark cloud or grey cloud I will always


Having a smile even on the phase it moves

Through, despite all the


This soul might be lion-hearted but it has

No pride

It has made so many mistakes it shows it

That it has tried

Like an ocean let it flow amongst its

Peers with a low tide

Expressing these words, there is nothing

To hide

Its heart was broken like an object that man


Adding more pain with reality


Subtracting all this pain, it encounters

The light

Because the reciprocation of darkness

Brings the presence of the light

The soul discovered a method just to

Make things right
It is now feeling uplifted, at the top

Like an exponent

By faith it was the known destination

After all those moments
The soul is yours

Remmogo Phukuile


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